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1. What is the product made of?

Our Clear Panel Shutters are made from a super strong polycarbonate resin. It is guaranteed with a 10 year limited warranty against breakage and yellowing. The material is light weight and much easier and safer to use than aluminum or steel panels. It is also ideal for second story applications, when heavy panels are difficult to get into place.

2. What approval does your shutter have?

The shutters have Florida Building Code (FL6416-R3-II (HVHZ),& FL6417-R4-II), Texas Department of Insurance (#SHU116), and Miami Dade approval (NOA 14-0826.03). You can visit the Fl Building Code website to look at the engineering specs of the shutter at: Enter the approval number and click "search".

3. What method of installation can be used with the panels?

We recommend the direct mount method because it is the easiest for the do-it-yourselfer. The panels are also designed to be used with standard "h" and "u" header installation methods, as well as studded angle.

4. What is the cost of the panels?

Our Clear Panel Shutter costs are calculated at $7.99 per lineal foot. Shipping and sales tax are not included in this cost. Mounting hardware is also additional.

5. Are metal panels also available?

Yes, we can supply aluminum panels also, but only the clear panels are available for sale via the website. If you are interested in other types of shutters, contact us via email with the specifics and we will respond with a quote and further information.

6. Do you sell the "H" or "U" header or track?

Yes,we can supply the panels and track or installation hardware, or for a direct mount (no track or header required).

7. Can I purchase panels in 20' lengths?

Yes, we also welcome orders from installers who may want to custom cut and drill the panels for various projects they are working on.

8. Can I mix or replace my existing aluminum or steel panels with your clear panels?

Our clear panels are designed to be integrated with 2" height metal panels that are punched 6" or 12" on center, if you are interested in mixing clear and metal panels. If you want to switch to all clear panels you may need to adjust the height of your header and sill or hardware but the panels will fit into "U or H" header for replacement.

9. What hardware do I need?

For the do-it-yourselfer, our panels can be ordered with the required hardware, to enable you to complete the project, please contact us for your specific hardware needs.

10. How much does shipping cost?

We ship most orders via UPS Ground. Larger panels and larger orders can be shipped via trucking company with flatbed. Please call 561-745-0715 for pricing on shipping panels over 100", or for larger orders.

11. How long will delivery take?

We try to ship orders within 10 business days. Our online order process will update you when your order has been received, and shipped so you will know when to expect delivery. If there is a backorder situation, we will notify you via email. You may opt to pick up the panels in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to save shipping costs if you desire.

12. How can I contact you? is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Our phone number is 561-745-0715. You can also contact us via email at: or use our Contact Us form and send us your inquiry. Please note we do not have a retail location to come into to purchase the panels. Purchases are made through the web and via phone orders.

13. How much larger should my shutters be than my opening?

Your shutters should be wider and longer than the opening to adequately provide protection. We recommend shutters be anchored into the concrete of your home, and have an overlap of about 3 inches from the opening edge.

14. Can I cut the shutters if needed?

Yes, use a Circular Saw with a fine tooth plastic/plywood blade.

15. How can the panels be stored?

The panels stack on top of one another for easy storage and minimal space.

16. What is the return policy?

We have a strict NO RETURNS POLICY. Upon placement of an order, orders cannot be cancelled nor returned. All orders are considered placed once an acknowledgement has been generated. There are no exceptions to this policy. We advise customers to check for restrictions that may govern their home, e.g. condominium, and/or homeowner associations. Installation and permit requirements by local building departments should also be researched prior to ordering. Ignorance of, or failure to verify these issues in advance, for potential restrictions of the aforementioned associations or permit requirements, does not constitute grounds for the cancellation of orders.

17. What are some of the advantages of clear panels?

  • Polycarbonate panels are lighter than steel or aluminum panels.
  • They do not corrode, or rust.
  • They are not sharp like the metal panels.
  • When up they allow the sunlight in as opposed to being in the dark before, during and after the storm.

18. How are the panels made?

The panels are made in an extruded process. The polycarbonate resin material is melted and pushed through a die that is the shape of the panel. It is then quickly cooled and cut and punched to the appropriate size.

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